Saturday, December 20, 2008

Abby in the Nutcracker!

It was a whirlwind week for Abby...last Saturday she was "Cindy Lou Who" in the Carp Parade. This week she had a major dress rehearsal followed IMMEDIATELY (as in 5 minutes later) a performance for her school's Christmas Program, Caroling with her class the next morning, then back to back Nutcracker performances Friday night and Saturday afternoon! She was an amazing trooper rolling with all of it while battling a cold! She's amazing! The busy week is best described in the picture below:

Friday, December 12, 2008

Things that can make your day...

Facebook is a funny thing...One of my former students found me and we chatted for a while...the next morning she posted a picture of us from her third grade year...seems like a small thing...but knowing that there are students out their that I have had a positive lasting impact on is VERY encouraging. She is studying to become a teacher!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy um..Fall Festival

...whatever...these are cute kids! We carved a pumpkin, ate pizza and watched Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin...Abby thought it was hilarious!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Apple Pickin'

Well I couldn't have picked a better person to adopt me for the day! With my car in the shop ALL day...Megan the mom of twins and a toddler carted Aaron and I around all day! At the last second we decided to go apple picking in Santa Ynez ("the valley" for those of your from the ocean side of the 154)...we also had the fun idea to grab Brady for the day since his mommy JUST had a baby. Those of you that know Aaron and Brady know that many of us think that the two look very much alike (although Aaron is of MY people who are smallish)...It was fun to try to be a mom of "twins" today...though I can't really count it...since the ACTUAL mom of twins was doing most of the work! We met up the Knoles clan. We picked and nibble our way through the apple farm...and then stopped in Ballard for lunch with the Sieck girls. It was a tremendously fun day! (Although if you saw me around 3:00 sorry Matt and Megan...I was at my wits end with Honda...but that is another story!)
Here are some photos...brace yourselves...there's a LOT of cuteness to follow!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Little Surfer Girl

The answer is yes...she loves him! Andy has had a blast boogie boarding with Abby lately. Andy says she tells him, "I love you!" over and over again while they're out there. So cute! I finally got to go watch AND take pictures on Saturday! Fun times! Here's a little slide show video of the action!

For more on this...check out ANDY'S BLOG

Friday, September 12, 2008

Di NAH sticks- Gymnastics

So fun...Aaron and I got to go to gymnastics together today. I am still feeling a bit under the weather, but the buddy needed to let off some steam! At first he was a bit shy about entering the "gym" area. He's been used to watching Abby from behind the gate. So he was pretty mad when I had him put down the toys and walk into the gym. Once he warmed up, he was tough to keep up with.

Oh and as for photography...not my best work...remember it's a mommy and me class so I was trying to help him AND snap pictures... and he's faster than lightening at times...No amount of "Automatic...Or Sports Settings" can help me capture the buddy!
Here's a bit of the action!

He is SUPER strong. He was pulling himself up into pike and straddle positions. Way to go buddy!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

First Day of School! First Day of School!


For the last week Abby has been bravely holding back tears about her anxieties and worries about starting Kindergarten. Aaron helped pray for her last must have worked! She was ALL smiles and ENTHUSIASM today. And surprisingly so was I! I thought I'd be a shambles...but seeing her so excited and KNOWING the teachers so well made me completely at peace! What a blessing! So here's a few of the events in picture form...I'm CERTAIN Andy will have a post of his own so fear not...there's lots to go around.

Thumbs up is the theme~

Last minute alterations...oops should probably have figured that out sooner than moments before we had to leave! She was cute and rolled with it!
Every time she posed for a picture she stuck her thumbs cute...I fully expected tears this morning...instead I got this sweet response! She's ready!
Oh and as an added bonus we got to see Daddy just before school started! Daddy likes knowing he gets to peak in on her from time to time! Oh and now we know where she gets the thumbs up from!
Some of the girls hanging out in line before the doors opened!

Big girl at her desk! Just about the only shy moment of the wore off quickly! As soon as she saw that Mrs. Moore was free she went over to greet her...I could barely make it through the sea of proud parents to snap this pic.
These next two I'll call "Pencil Pride." She was so proud of her pink pencil grip and quickly noted that all the girls had pink and the boys had blue!

It's hard to believe...but it's true~ She's officially the cutest kindergarten student I could ever imagine!